Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not your Father's Man Cave

Poggenpohl’s Porsche Kitchen is a sleek and sophisticated
ride with high tech audio/visual components built-in.

Now, this is the perfect James Bond kitchen!

Check out the story on ::Surroundings:: by contributor Lori Dolnick on today's Man Caves.

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Nancy said...

Hi Linda--I like your blog! I also love the James Bond kitchen. It made me think of Zoom-Room, and I'm wondering if you've heard it? It's a sophisticated Murphy Bed, though one that James Bond would love.

The coolest thing about the bed (other than it's sleek design) is it’s hidden in a 2-foot deep custom made cabinet that can double as a home entertainment center, bookshelf, art display case, or whatever you want. Most people have no idea a bed is hidden inside until they push a remote control button and—voila!—the bed silently snakes out of the wall into the room.

Check it out! It's perfect for condo-dwellers wanting to maximizing space, or for turning an office into a second bedroom--all in high style, of course. Best--Nancy